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Keeping up with Lithium demand becomes more challenging

Electric vehicles have been in the spotlight lately, which creates an opportunity as well as a problem for the producers of the metal that the batteries of electric vehicles are made off – lithium. A mineral for which, as long as the demand for electric vehicles continues to increase and an economically viable alternative is not found, the demand is also going to increase respectively. The prices of lithium carbonate have more than doubled in the last two years.

Currently, 67% of global lithium reserves are located in Chile and Argentina, even though Australia is the biggest lithium producer.

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What is the opportunity cost of waiting for a market correction?
LINK: Opportunity cost of waiting for a market correction

Disney to leave Netflix
Starting 2019, Netflix and chill is going to have to take place without the usual late-night session of Frozen, as the media giant announced its plans to remove its content from Netflix and start its own streaming service.

Reportedly, Disney is also going to launch an ESPN streaming service early next year, which is going to feature sports events from the NHL, MLB, MLS, collegiate sports and Grand Slam tennis.

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“AI is a fundamental risk to the human civilization”, Elon Musk

Elon Musk, in an interview at the National Governors Association meeting, said that AI is a fundamental risk to the human civilization. He backed his claims by saying that robots are going to be smarter than humans in any way, therefore having an edge over the regular person, eventually using the knowledge to destroy the human race.

Musk mentioned that the way to prevent something like that from happening is to proactively start regulating the creation of artificial intelligence, restricting the creation of something that could be harmful to the civilization.

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LINK: Tesla Starts Producing Its Model 3
The first Tesla Model 3 rolls off the production line!
It’s finally here! The first Tesla Model 3 rolled of the production line on July 9th, as Elon Musk tweeted a photo of the newly-built vehicle. According to a series of tweets, it was poised to be delivered to Ira Ehrenpreis, the first of four hundred thousand people to put down the $1000 pre-order deposit. As it turns out, Mr. Ehrenpreis was kind enough to let Musk have the first ever production vehicle.
The new Model 3 has a base price of $35’000, making it the most affordable Tesla to date.

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False alarm

By looking at some of the biggest finance sites on Tuesday, one would think that a financial apocalypse had started. Amazon shares appeared to have plummeted by more than 70%. Luckily, it turned out to be a glitch caused by the websites using the wrong data sent to them by NASDAQ.

Reportedly, no securities were traded at the absurdly low price, as trading had been halted.

Science fiction becomes reality

Unlocking your phone and authenticating mobile payments is soon going to be as easy as just looking at your iPhone. According to people familiar with the product, Apple is currently testing 3-D Face Scanning technology, which might replace the fingerprint scanner on the upcoming iPhone.

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David Rosenberg on Yellen’s ‘Uncertainty’

In this link, eminent economist and market strategist David Rosenberg highlights many of the issues that are currently contributing to ‘uncertainty’ in world markets:

David Rosenberg on Yellen’s ‘Uncertainty’

For the sake of clarity, ‘uncertainty’ generally means ‘pessimism’ when used by economists. However, they should not be confused as one and the same thing.

Rosenberg lists off a number of topics that contribute to a sentiment of pessimism. Unfortunately, his argument is far too one-sided. He concludes his diatribe as follows:

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On the Importance of Narrative…

Last week I was invited to talk to an undergraduate business class at Riga Business School (thank you Lester Golden!). One of the themes I focused on was the importance of narrative when looking at individual stocks. From my experience, you can perform as many valuations as you like, but no matter how cheap a stock appears to be, it tends to be subservient to its overall narrative. As investors, we are taught to seek out and purchase future profits at a discounted rate, but as humans, we’re suckers for a good story.

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Lithium: A Study in Some Old Fashioned Commodity Speculation

The recent rise in the price of gold and the possible bottoming out of industrial commodity prices has some brave investors flocking back into mining stocks. While the gold rally looks like it is primarily based on sentiment, the move in the price of lithium over the past year exhibits a more classic example of what drives the cyclical nature of mining stocks perceived supply and demand.

Lithium is the primary component of the lithium ion batteries. You have a lithium ion battery in your cell phone as well as in countless other personal electronic devices. Currently, the billion dollar question revolves around the future demand for the considerably larger lithium ion batteries that are used in electric cars.

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