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David Rosenberg on Yellen’s ‘Uncertainty’

In this link, eminent economist and market strategist David Rosenberg highlights many of the issues that are currently contributing to ‘uncertainty’ in world markets:

David Rosenberg on Yellen’s ‘Uncertainty’

For the sake of clarity, ‘uncertainty’ generally means ‘pessimism’ when used by economists. However, they should not be confused as one and the same thing.

Rosenberg lists off a number of topics that contribute to a sentiment of pessimism. Unfortunately, his argument is far too one-sided. He concludes his diatribe as follows:

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Equity Markets Are ‘Yellen’ From the Roof Tops!!!

Janet Yellen’s commentary yesterday reasserted that the FED would continue their cautious stance towards further rate raises:


Global equity markets took off, bond yields fell, gold strengthened and the dollar sold off. Basically, unless you have US dollars stuffed in your mattress, you had a good day. The rally has yet to abate.

Here’s a two day chart of the NASDAQ 100 futures:
Nasdaq 100

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Chinese Pension Funds to Begin Buying Chinese Stocks

Last week I wrote a post that discussed the Chinese government’s signaling to local investors (LINK) through lower margin rates.

Yesterday, China announced that their pension funds would begin purchasing Chinese equities this year:


Typically, pension funds and other large institutional investors don’t signal what they intend to buy so as to avoid front running (buying before a large buyer enters a position, and selling after the price has been driven higher), but it seems as if this is just what the Chinese government would like to encourage.

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