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Apple – The Staple of Luxury

Hello! Here’s a piece by our new analyst Pēteris Celms. Many more to come!

Apple’s Business Model

Apple has every right to the outsized profits it makes on the iPhone. Consumers could buy cheaper Android devices, but they don’t. Why? Because they value Apple’s hardware, or iOS software, or most likely, the ubiquity of the brand and the status that it has come to represent.

If you want the Apple experience, you buy Apple hardware, and in turn, use Apple software. And in order to access the digital content market install any other applications, you also have to go through Apple’s App Store. Apple does nothing to increase the value of Netflix or Spotify subscriptions, among many other digital services from app providers purchased through the App Store, but they charge a percentage for every one of these transactions (e.g. 30% in the first year, 15% every year after that for recurring subscription payments) just because they can, and will continue to be able to do so while ~45% of U.S. consumers, the world’s largest market, carry Apple devices.

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