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On Nickel and the Battery Revolution

If you have been reading this blog, you will have understood that we quite like the prospects of base metals and base metals miners (Because You Know I’m All About That Base, ‘Bout That Base, Base Metals…).

Here is a nice primer on nickel’s not-so-know role in electric vehicles: Nickel: The Secret Driver of the Battery Revolution

Here is some more info on how analysts have been upgrading their pricing forecasts:

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Can Nuclear Power Make a Comeback?

Here’s a link to an “Economist” article that discusses the ambitions of the Chinese nuclear power sector:

LINK: Nuclear power in China

Nuclear power has been an industria non grata since the Fukushima disaster that occured five and a half years ago.

The world has changed, but it still strikes me as odd how soon we have forgotten the promise of the nuclear power sector just ten years ago.

For instance, here is a chart of the uranium prices over the past 15 years:


And here is a chart of a uranium miner ETF (URA US) since its inception:

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