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Contrarian Investing – Emerging Markets Edition

I attended a number of panel discussions and seminars on the state of Emerging Markets at the JPMorgan Emerging Markets Corporate Bond conference last week.

I noticed two things in particular: (1) there did not seem to be all that many people in attendance, and (2) there were many South Americans.

Initially, it seemed strange to me that someone would fly 8 hours from Santiago, Chile to hear about their country’s corporate bonds (OK, fine, 4 days in Miami Beach is not a tough sell…). However, considering the brutal state of Emerging Market bonds and equities – especially Latin America – over the past year, it soon became obvious that many had made the trip to just clear their heads and get some group support.

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Anecdotal Evidence: Americans Love Starbucks

There seemed to be a Starbucks on every other block in Miami Beach. Without fail, there were lineups and those lineups moved quickly. Their continued product diversification away from just coffee meant that the smell of their dark roast was supplanted by a distinctly different aroma in the air: the smell of money being printed. This was in stark contrast to other retail stores where there seemed to be three service employees per customer and no lineups at the till.

Starbucks is doing something that people like and do not mind paying good money for.

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