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The Most Expensive SUV in the World

Daimler is coming out with the most expensive SUV in the world.

Here’s more pictures of the newest Daimler’s models: LINK

Release of such extravagant models won’t bring much direct revenue growth. It does make a lot of press and increases brand awareness. For luxury car producers brand awareness is of the most valuable assets and Daimler is doing a great job at promoting itself.

We’ve liked Daimler for quite some time. We took interest in it when price was at its lows and no one cared about Daimler.

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Does Advertising Ruin Everything?

I can’t quite recall the context, but I’ll never forget the following line delivered by my father: “I understand that I got this for free, but somehow I feel ripped off!”

In his new book Tim Wu addresses the current omnipresence of advertising and charts out just how we got here. Here’s the opening paragraph to his interesting discussion with The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson:

“Harvesting was perhaps the original U.S. industrial activity. Economic growth relied on the reliable conversion of plants and animals into salable products, like cotton and beef. But the 21st century’s most successful industrialists, like Facebook and Google, harvest another commodity as abundant as wheat or crude oil. In the new industry, the fields are media and entertainment, the harvesters are advertisers, and the crop is attention.”

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Facebook Unveils Image Identification Technology For the Blind (and Advertisers…)

Facebook is an amazing company that continues to innovate and grow at a torrid pace.

Their most recent initiative uses image identification technology to describe photos on Facebook to blind people:

LINK: using artificial intelligence to help blind people see Facebook

Now pause to think of what can be further extrapolated from this technology.

Here’s a taste:

LINK: Facebook’s new image recognition technology is a data windfall for advertisers

Oh, and by the way, they’re also launching new video initiatives:

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