A Note From Chief Maverick

Here’s link to my mentor and uncle Mal Spooner’s most recent post. Mal has over thirty years experience managing investment portfolios, founded and ran an award winning mutual fund company and is now a professor to students that probably can’t believe their luck in landing a prof like him.

In this post, he cuts to the heart of the matter about equity valuations and oil prices. Having invested in and financed oil companies throughout his career, Mal possesses a fundamental understanding of the oil industry that goes far beyond the daily permutations of the price of oil. There is a massive difference between charting oil prices and having gone to visit countless drilling installations and understanding the realities of the oil business.

The same can be said for his analysis of equity markets. He focuses on the real implications of global dynamics on actual businesses and their ability to generate returns for their shareholders. In this post, he makes the simple, yet compelling argument that S&P 500 earnings are actually considerably undervalued given the current level of interest rates. Enjoy!