Facebook, Banking and Electric Cars

Facebook TV coming in mid-August, maybe..

Reportedly, Facebook is finally coming out with its iteration of on-demand TV. The company has reached out to its partners, asking them to turn in the first episodes of their inexpensive, short-form programs.

According to undisclosed sources, Facebook is funding some higher-end content. The newly released content is going to be accessible separate from the news feed, in a new “Video” tab, alongside user-generated content.

Facebook is looking to make something higher-end than Google’s YouTube, yet is not willing to compete with other original content providers such as Netflix, HBO and Showtime.

By taking such a step, Facebook is looking have a greater slice of the $70 billion television advertising market. According to verge.com, the ad-revenue generated from the content is going to be split between Facebook and the content creators.

It has to be mentioned that the social networking company expected the project to be ready to launch a month ago, but it has taken longer than anticipated and a possibility of further delays exists.

LINK: First Facebook TV Episodes Are Said to Be Ready for Mid-August

Infographic – Banking the unbanked

Did you know that 62% of adults worldwide have an account at a financial institution or through a mobile app? At first it might be difficult to put it into perspective, just think about it for a minute. The remaining 38% live without a bank account and choose to live with only cash.

To be completely honest, “choice” might not be a word some associate with their spending habits. Only 7.7% of people living in Chad have a bank account, but they are not to blame with 0.49 bank branches for every 100000 people, it might just be normal for them not to have a bank account.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned 62% seems like a small percentage, taking into account how big of a role our bank accounts play in our lives, yet it is a lot compared to the 51% back in 2011 – the amount of growth is profound and an opportunity is there for those willing to take the risk and make bank by banking the unbanked, puns fully intended!

LINK: Banking the Unbanked is a $380B Opportunity

UK to ban new diesel and petrol cars, favoring electric cars

In a bid to fight air pollution, which according to the article claims 40000 lives annually, the UK government is going to ban new diesel and petrol cars from 2040. Other solutions for lowering the air pollution range from altering the routes of buses to reprogramming traffic lights, in order to create a smoother flow of traffic.

Clean air campaigners argued that the government is using the 2040 diesel and petrol vehicle ban to take the focus off the failed short-term policy. Sue Hayman MP, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs spokeswoman said that “with 40 million people living in areas with illegal levels of air pollution, action is needed now, not in 23 years’ time”.

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LINK: New diesel and petrol vehicles to be banned from 2040 in UK