Musk’s Hyperloop might become reality

According to tweets by Elon Musk, aka. The Tony Stark of real life, on Thursday, “verbal” government approval for digging the world’s longest tunnel for his newest venture – The Boring Company, has been reached. The tunnel is to be dug from New York to Washington D.C. and is a part of another one of Musk’s ideas, Hyperloop.

For those who have been out of the loop, pun fully intended, Hyperloop is a high-speed transportation alternative, which would make the journey from NYC to D.C. in around a half an hour.

The fact that building a tunnel of such length is going to take an awful lot of time cannot be left out. After all, recently opened subway tunnel in New York was proposed in 1919 and was opened just in January 2017.

Nevertheless, if the idea comes to life, it is definitely going to save the people of the future a lot of travel time, making them healthier and more productive. According to MarketWatch, the time one spends on their daily commute affects their happiness, productivity as well as health.

LINK: Elon Musk Claims U.S. Approval for World’s Longest Tunnel