AI deep-learning briefly explained and why Nvidia has the upper hand

It seems that the abbreviation AI and the phrase “deep learning” get thrown around an awful lot lately. Understandably so, as presented in the chart below, the frequency of Google searches for “deep learning” has grown considerably in the last 5 years, one can easily see an exponential growth pattern. Everyone seems to want to find out what exactly it is and how to benefit.

The increase of interest reflects the change of focus of industry leading companies rather precisely. Nvidia, Intel, AMD and now Fujitsu have set out on a quest to create the best – most capable hardware for artificial intelligence. All of the aforementioned companies have come out or are coming out with AI optimized hardware.

Nvidia might have an edge over the other competitors, as it has already announced partnerships with Facebook and Microsoft. What is more, due to the fact that Nvidia started focusing on AI earlier than most of its competitors, developers are used to using their development interface. Which definitely doesn’t hurt Nvidia’s market share.

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