False alarm

By looking at some of the biggest finance sites on Tuesday, one would think that a financial apocalypse had started. Amazon shares appeared to have plummeted by more than 70%. Luckily, it turned out to be a glitch caused by the websites using the wrong data sent to them by NASDAQ.

Reportedly, no securities were traded at the absurdly low price, as trading had been halted.

Science fiction becomes reality

Unlocking your phone and authenticating mobile payments is soon going to be as easy as just looking at your iPhone. According to people familiar with the product, Apple is currently testing 3-D Face Scanning technology, which might replace the fingerprint scanner on the upcoming iPhone.

Bitcoin as a wedding present? It’s been done before!

It might be the best present you wish you had kept to yourself. A 100$ worth of Bitcoin in early 2011 is worth more than $230000 today. Think about that.

Buy the Tweet, Sell the news?

Tesla stocks surged around 2% on Monday morning, after Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, tweeted that the new Model 3, their new, more-affordable car, had passed all regulatory requirements ahead of schedule and that they are expecting to produce 20000 Model 3 cars by December. Things turned a bit grim for Tesla as the day went on and the stock closed down a bit more than 2% on reports that they barely produced enough cars in the first half of the year to satisfy the lower-end of their guidance.

Read at Bloomberg, Business Insider

A virtual racing instructor coming to a racetrack near you!

Well, sort of. Porsche is developing autonomous driving software that would enable anyone to sit behind the wheel, while going around the track as fast as a professional racing driver would. It is important to mention that “sitting” behind the wheel is all they are going to be doing – the car is going to drive itself.

The software could also be used as “a virtual racing instructor”, which gathers data while you race and gives you objective tips on how to improve. That is a pretty awesome way of using AI if you ask us.