Millennials Are Saving!

At times it seems that the general impression of “millennials” is that they work for start-ups, live with at least four roommates (which might include their parents and siblings), drink overpriced coffee from beans sourced from a single bush, value experiences over ‘stuff’ and are broke – all the while posting blissful nonsense on Snapchat.

However, this survey points provides some interesting evidence that “millennials” might be considerably more fiscally responsible than older generations:
LINK: Millennials Are Helping America Save More Money

So wait, if millennials are more responsible with their personal finances, could it be possible that they might be more responsible in terms of other things, such as the environment, government and social policy?

Is the world ready for a massive cohort of people that are fiscally responsible, endeavor to be accepting of others, respect the environment and are technologically savvy?

These millennials might not be so bad afterall…