Monthly Archives: April 2021

March Commentary

In March, our net weighted average return in was -1.22%. Our net average return for the month by strategy:

Conservative: +0.39%

Balanced: -0.87%

Growth: -2.85%

For the first quarter of 2021, our net weighted average return was +3.07%. Since 2015, we have generated a net weighted average return of +59.14%.

How things look

As we get further into April, markets will be focused on two things: corporate earnings and economic calendars.

Equity markets have continued their steady march upwards over the past months, operating under high expectations that company earnings will bounce back strong. From what we have seen so far, particularly in the US, those expectations are warranted.

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Sporta studijas podkāsts #9 – Kā sportisti pārvalda savas finanses

Es nesen piedalījos podkastā ar izcilo NBA spēlētāju Dāvi Bertānu un žurnālistu Reini Ošenieku. Mani aicināja piedalīties šajā sarunā jo mēs veicam investīciju pārvaldīšanu vairākiem no Latvijas top sportistiem. Runājam par to, kā sportisti pārvalda savas finanses, un kā prātīgai finanšu plānošanai var būt spēcīgs, pozitīvs efekts jebkura cilvēka dzīvē.

Sarunas galvenā tēma – Ko sportisti dara ar nopelnīto naudu?

0:00​ Ievads

05:00​ Sportista finanšu pārvaldnieks

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Artificial Intelligence and Mythmaking

The Latvian version of this article is available in print in the April 2021 issue of Forbes Latvia

Steve Jobs was a masterful storyteller.

One of his more powerful analogies was when he would talk about the impression that was made on him by an article in ‘Scientific American’ when he was twelve years old that discussed the required caloric expenditure of animals to travel a given distance. At the very top of the list was the condor. Humans, “the crown of creation,” were a third of the way down the list.

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