Monthly Archives: February 2021

January Commentary

In January, our net weighted average return in was +1.63%. Our net average return for the month by strategy:

  • Conservative: +0.07%;
  • Balanced: +0.45%
  • Aggressive: +4.48%.

Since 2015, we have generated a net weighted average return of +56.92%.

Framing Markets

A common feeling over the past year, and especially the past few months as lockdowns have dragged on, has been one of exasperation.

The monotony of living under restrictions coupled with the cold and dark of winter has often made one day indiscernible from the last.

The promise of vaccines has faded and been replaced with frustration over the pace of vaccinations and concerns about their efficacy against new variants.

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A New Era in Biotechnology

Digitization and big data analysis in biotechnology are not just creating a new wave of therapies and medicines, but are creating new opportunities for investors as well.

The Latvian version of this article is available in print in the February 2021 issue of Forbes Latvia.

78 years ago a lab assistant named Mary Hunt in Illinois, USA brought a moldy cantaloupe into work. The ‘golden mold’ on this cantaloupe was instrumental in the mass production of penicillin. It helped win the Second World War for the Allies and has since saved what is estimated to be over 200 million lives.

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