Monthly Archives: April 2020

Taking A Page From Amazon

A couple of weeks ago, Amazon released Jeff Bezos’ annual letter to shareholders (you can read it here). Whatever you may think of him personally, the fact of the matter is that he is one of the world’s most influential business leaders and Amazon is among the greatest companies on the planet. When people like Jeff Bezos talk, we tend to listen, and many of the things he lays out in this latest letter reflect our approach to money management and how we make decisions and allocate capital.

A clear view on managing the current situation

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Contango & Cash

Crude oil’s historic run into negative pricing

This week one topic has dominated the financial news cycle- collapsing oil prices that at one point went deeply negative on Monday. As oil futures contracts came due, traders were left desperate to offload contracts rather than take delivery of the physical product, leading to a situation where they were paying to people to take these contracts off their hands. The reason? There is just not enough storage capacity available given the precipitous fall in demand for oil and its derivative products.

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Our March Commentary

March was a terrifying month. Covid-19’s rampant spread put a strain on all of the institutions that shape our modern world – our governments, our healthcare systems, our financial markets, our trust in the most simple interactions with one another, and, yes, even our Netflix bandwidths. Over the past month we have all learned more about the exponential spread of viruses than we could have ever imagined. Perhaps I will one day use this experience as a way of illuminating the power of compound growth in investment portfolios, but today is not that day.

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